Bigbelly Compactor

Bigbelly’s HC5 model is the original smart bin that started the smart bin sector. It is the only smart, solar-powered waste compactor that works in any location, thanks to it’s Skip-A-CycleTM patented energy management technology.

In its fifth generation design, the HC5, the worlds most deployed smart bin globally, has been proven on location in the largest cities across the globe.

The HC5 delivers 600 litres of capacity, which is up to 8 times that of a traditional waste bin. It’s enclosed design ensures that waste is kept fully contained and pests stay out, maintaining cleaner public spaces.

The Benefits

  • Reduces the number of collections by up to 80% and collection costs by 75%

  • Cuts down CO2 emissions, produces huge fuel savings, and reduces the need for collection trucks

  • Real time data monitored through CLEAN Waste Management Software, ensuring optimised collections.

  • GPS enabled and protected against vandalism

  • Remote Hopper Lock safety system


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